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The Converse Team Chosen as 2022 Small Business Award Finalist

Finalists have been announced for the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce 2022 Small Business Awards.

The finalists were chosen from 24 applicants, who showcased their businesses during the SBA kickoff event at Newman University on March 9.

To qualify, businesses must be headquartered in the Wichita metro area and have a minimum of three years in business. Other qualifications include good employee relations and contributions to the community.

Finalists were divided into categories based on number of full-time equivalent employees.

Tier One (1-5 FTEs)

  1. The Boutique 5 LLC

  2. Hopping Gnome Brewing

  3. Shaken or Stirred Bartending

Tier Two (6-20 FTEs)

  1. Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills

  2. The Converse Team

  3. Leslie Coffee Company LLC

Tier Three (21-100 FTEs)

  1. P. B. Hoidale Co., Inc.

  2. TEC Systems Group, Inc.

  3. Wichita Brewing Company LLC

The finalists will be featured at the Sunrise Scrambler on April 13. Winners will be announced during the Small Business Awards Lunch on May 25. Click here to read the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce 2022 Small Business Awards official announcement

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